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University of Ottawa
Laura Byrne

Information about the Final Examination: PHI 1101 D, E, C, and M; Fall, 2013 Deductively Valid Argument Forms Covered by the Final Examination • Disjunctive Syllogism • Modus Ponens • Modus Tollens • Hypothetical Syllogism Formally Invalid Argument Forms Covered by the Final Examination • The Fallacy of Affirming the Consequent • The Fallacy of Denying the Antecedent Material and Associated Readings Covered by the Final Examination Unit One: Reasoning ♦ CT, Chpt. 1 and Critical Thinking ♦ Additional Concepts Unit Two: ♦ CT, Chpt. 2: Only: 2.6; 2.7; 2.9; 2.10; 2.11; 2.12 Definitions ♦ Rep. Bks. I and II: Focus: Definitions of Justice: Rep. Bk. I 327a-332c (Cephalus and Polemarchus); 336b-339b (Thrasymachus); 342e-345a (The shepherd and the sheep); 351c-352b (No honour among thieves); 354a-c (Socrates declares that the result of the discussion is that he knows nothing); Bk. II 357a-b (Glaucon’s question) Unit Three: ♦ CT, Chpt. 3: Omit: section 3.2.2 and sections 3.6 and 3.7 Clarifying Meaning ♦ Rep. Bks. II and III: Focus: Rep. Bk. II 357b-362d (Glaucon’s challenge); 368a-376c; Bk. III 412b-414c (The ideal city and its classes) Unit Four: ♦ CT, Chpt. 4 Reconstructing Arguments ♦ Rep. Bk. III and IV: Focus: Rep. III 415d-417b (Housing and Property Arrangements for the Auxiliaries and Guardians); IV 419a-421c (Adeimantus’s objection) Unit Five: Assessing ♦ CT, Chpt. 5-6:
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