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Recognizing ArgumentsBob is in a bar looking at Susan who is looking at PabloBob is marriedPablo isntIs a married person looking at an unmarried personBob marriedSusan a married b unmarriedPablo unmarriedYes a married person is looking at an unmarried personCritical thinking The systematic evaluation or formulation of beliefs or statements by rational standardsGood reasonsgood evidenceThe basic toolbox of critical thinkingStatement claim something is or is not the case can be positive or negative can be true or falseExamples that water looks polluted Maurice smells bad taxes are too high no one wants ice creamPremise statement put forth to accept a conclusion a claim put forth as a reason for a conclusionConclusion statement premise are used to support a claim meant to be support by reasons offered in the argumentArgument a group of statements in which some premises are used to support the conclusion aArguments are the instruments we use in rational persuasionbAn argument is to make a claim and to offer other claims as reasons for its acceptanceThis means that an argument is a set of claims one of which is meant to be supported by otherscAn argument is a set of claims that can be divided into a conclusion and on or more premisesoArgumentconclusionpremisesA conclusion is a claim meant to be supported by reasons offered in the argumentIn critical thinking terms the word argument doesnt just mean a debate a dispute or a contradiction The environment of critical thinking1 Problems with how we thinkToo much focus on ourselves self interested thinking relates to accepting a claim solely on the grounds to let us see ourselves in a good wayExamples Im against gun control because Im a hunter I think the government should freeze tuition because Im a student and dont want to pay more2 Problems how other people thinking group thinkingPeer Pressure pressure to believe one must do what the rest of the group doesIdea that one group is superior compared to the restprejudging or prejudiceThis leads to stereotypingStereotypes drawing conclusions about people without sufficient reason based on their membership in a group
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