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NAMESTUDENT NUMBERPHI 1101 REASONING AND CRITICAL THINKING2 November 2012Second Test45 marks worth 15 of final markClosed BookProfessor Dr Mark Raymond BrownPlease answer each question on the pages of this test If you need more space for your answer please use the reverse side of the page Please do not detach the pages of this testI For the following on the line provided write what is implicitpremise or conclusionand then write what the implicit premise or conclusion is This question is is worth two marks1 Anyone who craves political power cannot be trusted to serve the public interest So I say Premier Jones cant be trusted to serve the public interestImplicit II Present the following arguments in standard form and provide a diagram for each You may want to keep in mind that you may have to reformulate some claims that explanations may occur and that noise or redundancies may arise The value of each question is noted in parentheses1 Ive been told that philosophy courses are very engaging and interesting All the same I shouldnt take a philosophy course this term My course load is already 1
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