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PHI 1102 March 31 2014Commission Report on Reasonable accommodationSection IV which secularism is best for Quebecthe four principles underlying secularism1 the moral equality of persons2 freedom of conscience and religion these define the purposes of secularism3 separation of church and state4 neutrality of state with respect to religious convictions the institutional realization of the purposethere are two models for secularism1 the French Republican model is a restrictive secularism This model is based on difference blindnessthere are strict limits on freedom of religious expression ex no religious signs in schools in particular the ban of hijabs Whats behind this is a particular idea of French republicanism which believes secular schools must emancipate students from religion culturalreligious identities impede social integration on this model and citizenship should exclude all particular identitiesthis restrictive secularism model is not suitable for Quebec becausea it does not truly link institutional structures to the purposes of secularismb the emancipatory mission directed against religion is not compatible with state neutralityc the integration process in diversified societies is achieved through exchanges between citizens on the intercultural model rather than by relegating identities to the backgroundrestrictive secularism does not line up with Quebecs history of dealing with diversity that is more open and generousTaylor and Bouchard cal
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