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PHI 1104 D Take Home ExamEmma HarrisonthMarch 16 20126009730Part one3 In Descartes Synopsis of the following six Meditations it is established by Descartes that we must doubt all things that carry even the slightest amount of doubt among usDescartes believes that the only thing he can be sure of is of his own existence but begins to question himself and ask who am I and realizing that he has a soul which cannot be attributed by physical or bodily features such as having a body and I taking up spaceHe comes upon the conclusion that he is a being that exists because he thinksIn his discourse Descartes attempts to prove that the soul is immortal by saying that the human mind is indivisible unlike the body which loses its identity upon the changing of shapeHe also affirms that he cannot be assured of any belief that is carried by his perception or senses and that we should not rely on our senses alone for the truthDescartes explains that the mind does not rely on the senses alone to perceive all objects in nature because our mind is able to reason and make sound judgement
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