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April 4 2012FINAL EXAM Section of who said that and short answer question that is longer a bit bcz its a final exam Simone de Beauvoir The Ethics of AmbiguityCh2Study of Fundamental AttitudesBeauvoir argues that it is necessary to assume ones freedom to change ones situationespecially in order to contribute to the freedom of othersBut she notes that1The Subman 4245He maintains this presence on the plane of bare Facticity He denies his freedomMaintains the status quoHe reacts against all others who attempted to realize their freedom because he views them as a threat to the status quo 44 even if its unjust2The Serious Man 4552The serious man gets rid of freedom by claiming to subordinate it to values which wulld be unconditioned 46He views values as absolute and transcendentHe lives in an infantile worldHe asserts that it is necessary to believe for beliefs sake to will for wills sake 47He is also dangerous because he denied the freedom of others 49 Sees others as means for a cause
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