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Jemuel Bonaobra6908199David RaynorFeb 15 2013PHI 1104D First Takehome Exam1 I think that Socrates two arguments are most important for if there is nothing good to look forward to in death than our happiness will be affected during the course of our lives If death is simply the end of our existence it is not a happy thought and this will affect our happiness in a negative way while we live Even if Socrates ideas turn out to be wrong and Epicurus Lucretius and Nagel turn out to be correct in that death is simply inexistence so when we are dead we cannot fear our own inexistence so we have nothing to fear about death it will not matter since we are already dead and therefore do not exist We will not remember or be aware that we were wrong and therefore cannot be unhappy about our mistake Since we have a positive outlook towards death while we are alive we can live a happier life without the fear of dying in the back of our minds for its that fear which dampens the pleasures in life Socrates two arguments that death is either a transformation of the soul to another place and can compare your experiences with other souls or that death is like a dreamless sleep Johnson 78 are the only arguments among all four philosophers that actually give us hope that death is something to look forward to and is which is why his two arguments are the most insightful and importantEpicuras and Lucretius share the similar view that when we die we become completely deprived of our thoughts and senses Epicuras 29 Lucretius 15 Lucretius also says that according to this philosophy there is no ultimate significance in life but that we should not let this affect the joys of life we can achieve during our short lifespan Lucretius 15 Both these
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