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stMarch 212012History from below question in a country with systematic white racism how do African Americans work create cultural practices and engage in politics This is difficulty bcz After 1877 we cant think of their politics in terms of voting All that has to go out the window bcz these are ppl who cant vote but then how do u crate culture and create politics if u dont vote How do u work if u can never own too much land or if u own too much land then u can inquir the land of ur white neighbors and u wont be punished So he says to this Of Our Spiritual StrivingsFrom the souls of black folk the problem of the twentieth Century is the problem of the colorlineDu bois the Souls of Black Folk Ed Brent ayes Edwards Oxford Oxford University Press 2007 3Du bois seeks to deal with the socalled Negro Problem by showing that it can only be solved by the equality of white Americans and AfricanamericansEquality in work culture liberty 13He notes how he is often asked questions about the Negro Problem and behind these questions he hears the question How does it feel to be a problemThough note there are no truer exponents of the pur spirit of the Declaration of Independence than the American Negroes 14WHEN WE READ A BOOK IN EGNLISH LANGUAGE THE PROBLEM THE VOICE DESCRIBES WE WLL HAVE a question about DU BOIS IN THE FINAL WHEN U SIT DOWN TO WITE OUR ANSWERS ITS NOT APPROPRIATE TO REFER TO AFRICAN AMERICANS AS NEGROS EVEN THOUGH HE DOES From course pack between me and the other world there is ever an unasked question Unmasked by some throough feelings of delacy by others throught the difficulty of rightly writing it None the less by they approach me in a sort of hesitant way curusiosly or compationately they say I know an excellent colored man in my town This is the 1904 version of saying ive got a really good black friend and u follow it up by a stereotypeOr do not be suthorn outrageous and make ur blood boil at these I smile or reduce the boiling to a simmer as the occasion may require To the real question how do u feel to be a problem I still dunt know the word The voices open by saying the 19 century post own dealing with the legacy of slaery and in 1903 he trying to persued ppl that they need to deal with it then or else
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