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University of Ottawa

Philosophical Issues in Health Care FINAL EXAMStudy QuestionsAnswers1What is meant by presumed consent punishreward and conscription in the context of procuring human organs for transplantsPresumed Consent It will be assumed that people wish to donate unless they sign a form explicitly indicating otherwise Not as many people would go out of their way to deny permission to use organs resulting in more donors PunishRewardGives priority to those who themselves are organ donors there are different versions 1 Organ donors given priority as organ recipients 2Nonorgan donors go to bottom of waiting lists for organs 3 Nonorgan donors not eligible for organ transplantsConscription of Organs Upon death all usable organs of deceased persons become the property of the state and so would be available for transplantationconsent would be neither required nor requested Violates autonomy and religion in some cases2What ethical problems are raised by what is called transplant tourismTransplant tourism refers to individuals travelling to another country for a transplant The shortage of organ donors and long wait times has resulted in a black market Ethical issue Is it fair for them to receive free medical care on their return when they have jumped the queue and obtained their organs illegally It is known common for people who receive transplants abroad to develop medical problems due to the poor care they received abroad should they be treated in their main country even though they in a way cheated the system Is it morally ethical to take organs from the poor Is it right for the rich to have special treatment merely because theyre richPoor countries people kidnap and kill innocent people for certain organs eg heart
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