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30 November 2011Nicomachean Ethics I chapter 13 II chapter 17Page 213228Previously identifying the highest goods of happiness It has to have two characteristicsoHas to be complete a mean to an endoHas to be selfsufficient fully satisfying in and of itselfHappiness is the only good that satisfies both these characteristicsoHappiness is something we want for its own sakeWhat does happiness consist of Chapter 7 page 205oNotion of a function basic claimFor any x it is a good x when it performs its distinctive function y welloCrucial connection between function and goodEg a knife is a good knife if its distinctive function is cutting well if it cuts wellA doctor is a good doctor if it heals other people well etc What makes something good is performing its function well oWe are seeking to figure out what makes a good human being the best human life oWe have to determine what the function of a human being oWe will find the best human being by finding the function of the human beingOf course every distinctive type of human being sculptor doctor etc has a distinctive job sculpting healing etc If all these different occupations have functions are we to say that human beings themselves have no functions That would be absurd Aristotle says
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