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PHI 2383 B Great Philosophers Winter 2012Tuesday 10001130 Thursday 8301000 Macdonald Hall 121Professor Laura ByrneOffice Arts 208Office hours Wednesdays 1030 to 1230Email lbyrneuottawacaTeaching assistantsTBACourse Description This course will consider works by the major modern philosophers from Descartes to KantEmphasis will be placed on careful reading of some of the philosophical classics of the period discussion of the philosophical problems they address and critical reflection on the arguments they containWorkload and Evaluation There will be two tests see below for dates and a final examinationOne test is worth 25 of the final grade the other is worth 35The higher percentage will be assigned to each students higher test gradeThe final examination is worth 40The professor cannot defer a test or examination for a student who has missed a deadline with Access Service A Makeup Test will be held in class see below for dateOnly students who have missed a test because of illness or other exceptional reasons such as a family emergency may write the Makeup TestReasons such as travel work oversleeping desiring a higher grade or an error in reading the schedule are not acceptable A doctors note or other suitable documentation must be provided if a student is to write the MakeUp Test The same considerations apply to deferred examinations or to tests rescheduled because of unforeseen events such as inclement weather or illness on the part of the professorThe Makeup Test will cover all of the material covered by Test One and Test TwoAll students must write two tests in total students who write the Makeup Test because they were absent from one test must still write the other remaining testFor example if you miss Test One and write the Makeup Test as a result you still must also write Test TwoStudents who are not writing the Makeup Test will be excused from class that dayIf you have any questions about the grading of your work by the teaching assistant you should speak to the teaching assistant first If you are not satisfied with the response you receive you may appeal the matter to me by submitting your views in writing along with your work I will review your work and make sure that it receives the proper grade All requests for reviews of Test One must be submitted to me by the day of Test TwoAll requests for reviews of Test Two must be submitted to me no later than the last day of classes
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