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Jon Miller

Q19 Both Hans Jonas and Joseph Stiglitz suggest that the ethical has been outpaced by technology the former and globalization the latterOne believes it is a problem with traditional ethics the other believes it is a problem with the way ethics is institutionalizedExplain why in each case ethics is failing as a framework for actionJonas believes that technology has started to play such a huge role in modern society that traditional ethics no longer apply as technology controls our behaviour He states that man himself has been added to the objects of technology because progress in technology is leading to the genetic control of future men Here ethics is failing as a framework for action because technology has enabled man to take his own evolution in hand with the intent of not just preserving the integrity of the species but of modifying it by improvements of his own design Essentially man has started playing the role of God which poses some serious ethical questions such as do we have the right to do it are we qualified for that creative role who will be the imagemakers by what standards and on the basis of what knowledge Hence technology is leading us into a position
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