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Jon Miller

PhilosophyGarrett Hardins Tragedy of the Commons draws a solution similar to that of Hobbes Leviathan regarding respectively environmental ruin and social chaosWhat is that solutionIt is convincingor notGarret Hardin has drawn a solution similar to that of Hobbes The former discusses how due to the sharing of the commons some become powerful than the others and end up exploiting the commons for their personal gain because they have free will and they have been taught to exercise it This ends up leading to depletion of resources environmental degradation and loss of nonrenewable resources One prime reason for why this happens is that as Malthus had predicted populations would grow exponentially with the onset of the Industrial Revolution leading to an overproduction of good at one point in time causing scarcity of the commons in the future The solution offered by Hardin is that in order to tackle the issue regarding the tragedy of the commons there need to be strict laws banning or cutting down on population by controlling the free will of the people and stopping them from
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