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University of Ottawa
Iva Apostolova

Topics and texts to be covered on the midterm on October 8, 2013:  Intro lecture: “Ethical theories”  Health: Daniel Callahan, “The WHO Definition of Health”; W. Miller Brown, “On Defining ‘Disease’”  Abortion: Susan Sherwin, “Abortion Through a Feminist Ethics Lens”; Mary Anne Warren, “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion”; Don Marquis, “Why Abortion is Immoral”  New Reproductive Technologies: Christine Overall, “Access to In Vitro Fertilization: Costs, Care and Consent”, Elizabeth Anderson, “Is Women’s Labor a Commodity?”  The questions are entirely knowledge based and no additional information or research is required (other than being at the lectures and reading the texts at least once).  Read the texts from the course pack! The lectures serve the purpose of organizing the arguments and directing you in the direction of the main argument of each text. But they lack detail. The tests are designed with the assumption in mind that you have read the texts.  Use the lectures as guidelines for what is important from an ethical point of view within the authored texts. The lectures give you the skeleton of the main arguments. We are not expecting in the least for you to have memorized the whole article, but we do expect that you have a good understanding of how the points follow from each other, or what the main points of a given text are. These main points are highlighted in the lectures. Put simply, the test questions will be on what is covered during the lectures but the texts from the course pack contain more details on these points. We would like to see these points fully reconstructed.  As mentioned in class, where you have additional names and theories appear within the authored articles, you need to have only a general understanding of what these additional theories are. For example, Mary Anne Warren mentions Judith Thomson, among others, and
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