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PHI2396B Final Exam PrepBellow you will find questions that will help you to prepare for the final exam There will be three sections on the final exam as there is bellowRead the instructions for each section for an indication of the content and expectations for the final examAlso you can use pencil on the final exam if you wish since you will not be getting these exams backGood luck in your preparation and feel free to email me if you have any questionsSection One Short AnswerBellow are the short answer questions that will appear on the final examYou will have to answer 6 of the following questions and each will be worth 10 marks for a total of 60 marks1Annas uses the precautionary principle to put limits on human cloningExplain the precautionary principle and the restriction it places on human cloning according to Annas2Explain the positivenegative distinction as it pertains to genetic engineering3Explain the difference between something being accidentally wrong and it being inherently wrong4Explain how the ought implies can principle guides our ability to offer moral prescriptions5By relying on the relevant moral princi
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