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stCloningMarch11Benefits of cloning2Response to uniqueness criticism3Questioning right not to be cloned4Response to right to ignoranceTooleys article For cloningFrom Pg 166 onwardIs cloning inherently wrong No He focuses on benefits of cloning utilitarianismBenefits of Cloning1Contribution to knowledgehas theoretical and practical implications Ie Nature vs Nurture Can bring up two same individuals in different settings and see how they develop based on geneticsnurturing 2Social BenefitSkepticaleven if we clone someone lets say Einstein their clone would not necessarily have the same social benefit as the original one did Could be based on certain individual experiences3Happier and healthier lives Population of clones with more desirable traitshappier and healthier4More satisfied child rearingMay want child to be athletic or smart etc if we can isolate those genes that produce these traits we could engineer an ideal childIf we made a clone of ourselves you would already know how this individual thinks you could create an environment that benefits you more like how some things couldve been better 5Children of homosexual partners6Saving Livesie A child has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant clone can ndprovide this bone marrow genetically identical However 2 child must not be harmed and their autonomy must also be respected as wellndHowever wouldnt the 2 child have a chance of having leukemia as wellResponse to Uniqueness Criticism Treat to uniqueness a treat to our sense of being irreplaceable Tooley Not distinct1Does not mean a loss of value ie Identical twinseach of them are autonomous agents have their own values etc2 Uniqueness is not lostWho you are isnt just the result of genetic in heritance but also in social inheritance and in chanceCloningHumanExperimentationMarch4th1 The right not to be cloned2 The right to ignorance3 Is it intrinsic value violated4 Is autonomy violated5 Introduction to human experimentation1 Right not to be clonedno one has the right for our body except for ourselveseven if our parents gave us the biological aspect of life they still do not have authority over our bodies Tooley says The basic of our rights are serious selfregarding interests since it is based on interests it is a form of utilitarian point of view If a mere existence of a clone when we are unaware of it does not affect us at all If we were aware that the fact that weve been cloned and sees the clone on a daily basis then our sense of individuality might be damaged or threatened A genetic determinism must be present you are simply a result of genetic inheritance Therefore the existence of a clone only affects your sense of individuality if genetic determinism is taken into account because what makes you you is based on your experiences in life etc Tooley You dont have the right not to be cloned ie Tooley pro clone Objection ones interest can be harmed if the clone is evil which will have negative repercussions on you bad rep Tooley counters Whatever the clone does cannot be tied to you because the clone is a different person and you did not commit any evil acts while the clone did
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