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University of Ottawa
Carolyn Gordon

Consequentialism Based on consequences of your actions Plato  All decent people will be able to tell if you should do things or not.  Don’t steal  Do actions based on consequences  Keep your words Ex: You lend a knife from a friend and give him your word you’ll give it back. The next day he turns insane. You don’t give it back even if you gave him your word because of the consequences. Epicurus  Life is about happiness which is a consequence of doing things Jeremy Bentham  Pain and pleasure in life  Utilitarianism  Ends justifies means John Stuart Mill  Animals don’t count  Human intellectual pleasure = quality pleasure which is greater than basic pleasure John Rawls  Justice  Rule utilitarian vs act utilitarian  Can’t ignore minority (ends can’t justify means)  Distributive Justice vs Nozick Peter Singer  Utilitarian  Therefore, make insignificant sacrifice for greatest amount of people such as charity Robert Nozick  Critic of Utilitarianism  Virtual machine  More things in life than pleasure such as human experience  Compensatory Justice vs Rawls Immanuel Kant  Justice, Deontology, Equality (Doesn’t exist in Utilitarianism)  Moral = Human because Human = Free will + Reason  Categorical Imperative (consequence are in future so it is a probability therefore to be sure we must use something certain such as logic and reasoning)  Treat all humans as ends (ends to justify ends) since humans are moral beings and therefore ends Egoism (self interest involving decisions) or selfishness Myth of Gyges  Evil is good? Evil but looks good vs Good but looks evil  Socrate says that selfish = self interest and evil gives no peach in mind which gives pain so selfish is stupid  We have empathy not based on rewards and punishment David Hume  We have empathy  Guided through space and time  Genocide in Africa, don’t care. If mother was in Africa at that time, care Ayn Rand  Selfishness is good  It’s actually not, you’re a coward Adam Smith  Self interest = optimize good for all Richard Dawkins  Self-interest give rise to altruism and reciprocal altruism  Self-interest is not selfish, it is selfish only
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