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Phi 2397: business ethics—final Discrimination November 15th, 2013 Ethical issues: pg. 236-266 1. Right to employee/company info 2. Right to fair pay 3. Right not to be fired for invalid reason 4. Right to be free of unjust discrimination Management/union, canadian issues November 20th, 2013 Ethical issues: pg. 275-297, 340-377 Business vs. Culture—does culture have a price? Walmart vs. Small town • People wan tot shop there • The very critics, shop there • Can you protect your cultural identity in light of business profits No such thing as an ethical consumer Jean pasquero • Can you have your cultural identity without hurting your economy Is china's involvement in africa a form of colonization? If you are company do you have to respect local culture, hire local workers?—should you? Social context November 22nd, 2013 Ethical issues: pg. 340-377 Business-government relations: understanding one another survey says: government view themselves as open How can this difference be explained? • Jane jacob's two syndromes: o Government "guardian:—(the most important point) orientation of government is collectivism—they define problems from other viewpoint—, public interest (more focus on public interest, what majority want and expects whereas business is more focused on self interest or minimize stakeholder interest), risk taking behaviour (business likes risk taking behaviour while governments don't). o The "commercial" (industry)—government likes to stick with tradition, while business like opportunistic approach • Wt stansbury o Characteristic of members who are actually investing and the public as well; how active is the public? o Factors affecting government Stanbury's framework: • Government and business are two different worlds that collaboration between the two is not impossible for the best of society Fundamental errors: • Busy people, government ministers, etc. Don't have the time to meet individual business representative • You can't approach government at the wrong time • Important people won't have the time to read long letters • Doesn't matter if you're a large corporation or low level, government looks at the impact on the economy. Government will treat all stakeholders the same • There might be a chance that if you have a problem in your business, no one will listen to you Goal of government relations department: • Making sure people are actually cooperating whether it's a new policy of seatbelt or whatever • Building community and nation: generally looking into creating different development or program good for the society in general • Respecting regulations of international broadcasting bureau What is lobbying? • Spark up a very controversial topic on a policy to make administrators to think about changing it, to influence it Video in class "media wave an intro to..."—use pr counseling is when something bad happens to them Molding public opinion • Influence public attitude • How organizations communicate with their public Pr campaign • Edward bernays • Public can be sold on wars, can be sold on anything • Father or pr Medical business November 27th, 2013 Ethical issues: pg. 443-468 Bioethics: ethics of biology. Medical business (bioethics: how people should live, how people should die etc.) Two big issues looked at in respect to bioethics: • Big pharma (big criticism: john lacarre—spy novelist, he came up with the novel the constant gardener: experiment of people in africa, medical experiments, jack the prices up, it's what they do; not a conspiracy, billions of dollars involved non one really cares to much, raises questions: what is the differences between legal and moral when it comes to big business?) • What is the difference between big pharma and major drug dealers? They are also big pharma) o One is illegal organized crime and one is legal. Difference in pr. What's the difference between big pharma and drug dealers? The only difference is size (the king gets to say what he's doing is right, but the pirate doesn't. There's no oral difference) • Gene patents (resnik) If you are suffering from a terrible disease, big ethical issue. Company can't give away for free because of research and development. • Environmental ethics: how should businesses treat the environment? We refer to them as natural resources—can mean fresh air, water • Ta slides (magic johnson vs.Anonymous person with hiv who doesn't have access to an anti viral drug) difficulty of access. Key question is : what would you consider to be a just price,
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