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Lecture 1TA Marnie Dumouchelle Mdumo025uottawacaSeptember1410703 PM ETHICSStems from the Greek word Ethikos which means what should we doTwo theories of ethicsoConsequentialism and DeontologyDeontologyoDuty bound follows a strict code of right or wrongoKant 18th Century German referred to this as Kantian EthicsoCome up with notions such as rights and principles that people have to followoReason based systemoKantian didnt want a system based on wants and gave the notion of rightsoUniversalConsequentialismoWhat do you do with consequencesoThe end justifies the meansoBusiness focuses on the goalsoUtilitarianismoThe greatest happiness principle focus on the goal that results in the most happinessoPlato 4 BCPopular theories that were around during Platos timeDo not steal keep your wordVirtue Ethics theory sometimes its right to do the wrong thing ie Axe exampleoEmotion based system Facts and Values Fact is when you say what the world IS Is ought fallacyEthics and values is sayingeven if things are this way it could be betterHume 18th Century ScottishAesthetics art beauty Amoral VS Immoral People believe business is Amoral Ethics and Law are not the sameGolden rule treat others as you would like to be treatedoProblems with this rule Eye for an Eye treating other people nicely does not mean you will be treated the same way feelings are involved rooted in fearEthics isnt about whether you can or cant do something but whether you should or should not do Lecture 2September2110659 PM Two Ethical Theories ConsequentialismoThe belief that it is the consequences of an action that matter believes in WANTS the end justifies the meansoBusiness tends to be consequentialist oJohn S Mill Reading wrote the book UtilitarianismSaid that if you had the choice youd rather be an unhappy human than a happy pigSaid that we have some pleasures that are more important than the base animal quality is more important than quantity Human DignityEx The ability to reasonYou are to be a benevolent observer try and create the greatest number of happiness even if you have to suffer for itSelfinterest is not the same as selfishness Mill is talking about selflessnessReferred to as an Act UtilitarianIt is all based on action the goal is happiness and the end justifies the means ie Robin Hood
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