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Business Ethics PhilosophyVirtue ethicscharacteristics No rules no systemit is just virtuous Not based on actionsconsequentialismwantsactions Happiness principal Based on actionsdeontologyrights Categorical syllogism Based on actions theologicalgoal orientednormativewhat is normally considered ethics theory right or wrongmetaethicsworking with logic in ethic what isoughtEgoismBook You can steal without ever suffereing any bad consequences for having done so Of course those you steal from will suffer The main reason they do not take things without permission is that they fear the ramifications of getting caught In terms of ethical philosophy these people are egoists There are teo basic technical uses of the term egoism psychological egoism and ethical egoism Psychological egoism is a theoretical description about how persons are motivated while ethical egoism is a normative thesis about how persons ought to behave Psychological egoism is the theisis that each person always ought to seek his or her own advantage Some contend that if psychological egoism is true and we always seek our own good our moral principles must also be based on the pursuits of our own good Is psychological egoism correct Its or psychological makeup If one sometimes acts for reaons other then pursuing ones own advantage then this is false otherwise it is trueThe psychological egoist meets the psychological altruist where they both spin each others actions as to show they are right Neither one is necessarily describing the other persons true motives So both leave out the possibility that we act on mixed motives although we may have concern for ourselfes we can also have concern for others and that both concerns may motivate our actions While psychological egoism is intended is intended as an empirical descriptionbased on observationethical egoism is a moral position that could be correct even if the latter were not An ethical egoist holds that we always ought to pursue our own best interest even if we are sometimes motivated to help others A criticms against egoism isthat while the objection does not prove that the ethica egoist is selfcontradictory it does show that she may not serve her own interest well by openly advocsting ethical egoismAnother criticism is the conflict ethical egoism has with our intuitions about justice fairness advice and friendship not dropping friends judge making a decision not out of self interest giving of opinion thPlato4 BC Greek The RepublicBook 2 dialogue is his approach Socrates always the hero doesnt believe in being selfishis being challenged by Glaucon and then his brother Adementus They are argument against Socrates but hope Socrates will tell them they are wrong They are fighting for injustice The myth of gygesby becoming invisible he can do whatever he wantsGlaucon says eventually all give in to temptations People only do goos things because they arw worried of reactions and punishment People are naturally selfish evil which is psychological egoismClassical view ethical egoism anyway thats the way we should be if we arent vs psychological egoism its in human nature to be selfishAdermentus the best life would be to try and be selfishevil but appear to be good secretly and that would be the best of both worlds since people dont like evil people difference between being good and just and appearing to be ie businesses being envirofriendly Do we admire the bad person that is successful or the poor good person He says we admire bas person He says you dont have to worry about God because a he doesnt exist but b for those who do believe they can perform the escape religion clause to perform some sport of sacrifice kind of saying you have a license to kill so to speakSocrates responds he wants you to also be just inside Society should be just The great justice which is bigger should be society thus the individual should be just Justice is necessary for a society to workThe more justiceethical the more businesses will grow and prosper thus so will individuals He says we can be naturally selfish but a lot of things we do without punishment though argument against ethical egoism To be ethical is to not steal not to kill etc th18 century Exampleo1709Scotts trying to take hold of Panamafrom becoming no longer dependentoThis is the time when most big philosophers came out ie david hume adam smith francis hutsono1separate church from state in politics 2 all based on be good or be punished great fear
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