PHY1321 Midterm 2

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Andrzej Czajkowski

PHY1321 PHY1321PHY1331 1BB303 I MIDTERM TEST II MIDTERM TEST October 5 November 5 FIRST NAME LAST NAME STUDENT NUMBERClosedbookTest Duration 110 minutesPART 1 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS48 of your test gradeANSWER THESE QUESTIONS USING SCANTRON SHEET Allquestions are of the same point value Attempt all questions Best 6 count toward the grade ANSd 2 A body moves in a circle at constant speed The work done on the body by the centripetal force in one revolution is 22vmv2 b 2mvc Ftd ea 0rr3 An object of mass 2 kg moving at v 1ms is subjected to a xFxN single force Fx shown in the diagram below What is its 40kinetic energy when it is at position x4m 20a 120 xm0b 0 712345620c 1 d 120 40 e 1214 Particle of mass 1kg moves under influence of UJ conservative force whose potential energy is 6 shown in the diagram At t0 particle at x 8m ismoving to the left and has 2 J of kinetic energy4 Where is the right turning point of the particleB 2m C 4 mA12m 2 Dinfinity E none of the above5 A 40 kg particle is moving horizontally with a speed of 50 ms when it strikes a vertical wall 6 10 8 xm 2 4 12 6 The particle rebounds with a speed of 30 ms What is the magnitude of the impulse in Ns delivered to the particle a 24b 32c 40d 30e 806A 12 g bullet is fired into a 30 kg ballistic pendulum initially at rest and becomes embedded in it The pendulum subsequently rises a vertical distance of 12 cm What was the initial speed of the bullet in kms a 0024b 038c 044d 050e 0547 An explosion in a rigid pipe shoots out three pieces A 10g piece comes out the right end A 4 g piece comes out the left end with twice the speed of the 10 g piece From which end does the third piece emerge A Right end B Left end C The third piece will not emerge fromthe pipe D Depending on the geometry of this situation A B C are all possible E Not enough information to answer this question PART II 52 of the midterm test total score Provide full answers to four out of five problems below Each problem is worth 13 points For full marks clear diagrams isare presented problems 2 45all the steps are shownpresentation is importantup to 5 deduction 1A uniform piece of sheet steel is shaped as shownFind the x and y coordinates of the center of mass of the piece A skier of mass 700 kg is pulled up a slope by a motordriven cable2a How much work is required to pull the skier a distance of 600 m up a 300 slope assumed frictionless at a constant speed of 200 msb A motor of what power is required to perform this task 3A cannon is rigidly attached to a carriage which can move along horizontal rails but is connected to a post by ka large spring initially unstretched and with force constant 420010 Nm as shownThe cannon fires a 200kg projectile at a velocity of 125 ms directed 450 above the horizontala Assuming that the mass of the cannon and its carriage is 5 000 kg find the recoil speed of the cannon4p b Determine the maximum extension of the spring 3pc Find the maximum force the spring exerts on the carriage 3pd Consider the system consisting of the cannon carriage andprojectile Is the linear momentum of this system conserved during the firing Why or why not 3p4A bullet of mass m10g and speed 1000ms hitsblock of M10kg resting on the frictionless surfaceAfter the collision the block and the bullet embedded in it enter the rough patch of the surface And travel distance x before coming to rest a Find the x 8p b What percentage of the energy was lost in this collision 5p5 The mass m 1 kg is set up as a pendulum of length L06m as shown on the diagramInitially in the position of h above its lowest point the pendulum is at restKnowing that the largest mass M that could be temporarily lifted in such setup is M24kg find hmM
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