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POL1101 Midterm: Midterm Study

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Political Science
Andre Lecours

Midterm: 90 minutes There won’t be a lecture afterwards Divided in two sections, each worth 50% (plan your time accordingly) Part A: Key Terms. Pick 4 out of 8 (of the ones given out at beginning of class) Part B: Pick one out of three All questions draw on what we have seen since the beginning of the year, although there is no need to study first lecture Based on lectures and assigned readings KEY TERMS All taken from key terms presented at the beginning of the lecture. Define and discuss significance (11.25 mins each) Present the definition presented in the lecture or in Mintz et al. Present the different dimensions/ aspects of this concept Provide examples Present (27) Ex Transition to Democracy Def., different types of transition to democracy (imposition revolution, pact) and examples (Germany and japan for imposition; France for Revolution; South Africa or Chile for pact) Why does it matter? etc. (29) Part B: ESSAY The questions will be fairly broad. Part of your challenge is to bring different material from the lectures for the readings. Should present an argument/ thesis in your intro. Example: I will argue that…. Try to organize your argument in different sections Define key concepts. For example, if the question is about consolidation of democracy you should tell us what that is. If irrelevant try to make ref. to the readings Ex. “Interestingly Larry Diamond points to growing importance of hybrid regimes Study Guide Part A: complete key terms by reading over the beginning of the slides at every study session Part B: Narrow down essay topics, speak with Turgeon and study guides, Reread Material: Make Notes Above all focus on what you enjoy The State Ma
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