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POL 1101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Larry Diamond, Free Market

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Political Science
Course Code
POL 1101
Andre Lecours
Study Guide

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Midterm October 29th, 2012 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Politics: An Introduction
Section One: Key Terms (45 minutes)
Define and discuss significance (11.25 mins each)
Present the definition presented in the lecture or in Mintz et al.
Present the different dimensions/ aspects of this concept
Provide examples
The State
Failed State - F ailure to control leg itimate us e of violence. C haracteris tics ; 4 characteris tics : (above),
eros ion of legitimac y of the s tate or lack of cons ensus, inability to provide bas ic public s ervices ; roads or
parliament, inability to interact with other s tates of the world.
United States
Transition to Democracy
Def., different types of transition to democracy (imposition revolution, pact) and examples (Germany
and japan for imposition; France for Revolution; South Africa or Chile for pact)
Free market economic system
Socialist economic system
Section Two: Essay (45 minutes)
The questions will be fairly broad. Part of your challenge is to bring different
material from the lectures for the readings.
Organize your argument in different sections
Should present an argument/ thesis in your intro. (Eaple: I will argue that….)
Define key concepts (For example, if the question is about consolidation of
democracy you should tell us what that is.)
Make references to the readings (E. Iterestigl Larr Diaod poits to
growig iportae of hrid regies)
(6:15 7:00)
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