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Feb 13 2013Parliamentary and presidential systems of governmentA Parliamentary system Canada has a parliamentary system it comes from the Great BritainIn Britain what you have is 17 century was about crowns governing without explanations Later it was the assembly of bourgeoisies These parties started to pressure the crown As these parties gained power from the crown then things started to shift to them In 1688 onwards there was a transfer of power This leads to 1 Dual executive head of government and head of states Head of state this is the position stand above politics Queen King It has formal exceptive power It does not need a monarch Head of government they are the ones who look at making policies and rulesThere will always be two types of head leadersparliamentary monarchies and parliamentary republics Republics no one holds position of political power in virtue of their birth A question will arise of who is president 2 Fusion of legislative and executive powers There is fusion power in a parliamentary power All other members of the executives are also members of the legislative branch In Canada all of our ministers have to be members of the House of Commons or they c
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