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University of Ottawa
Political Science

Political SciencePOL1101 DProf Stephanie MartensThe Diverse Fields of Political ScienceDomestic Politics Canadian politics American politics French politics etcComparative Politics developed and developing world are studiesoPolitical economy also relations with other countriesoWhat do the terms mean Qualificationsdeveloped developing etcInternational RelationsoWorld politics international organizationsPolitical TheoryPhilosophyCritical approaches gender and politics Aboriginal politics cultural studiesEmpiricalNormative statementsempiricalwhat is going on oNo opinions no position no solutions simply factsnormativewhat should be done oOpinions solutions ideas etcMust take stand on either empirical or normative arguments can make your argument weaker or blurred if your focus shifts back and forthThe two can be complimentary howeverWe usually think of both at the same timeEx people might agree on causes empirical of the economic crisis but not agree on the solutions normative or viceversaEmpirical and Normative analysisEmpiricaloDescribes and explains a situation or a phenomenondescribes what isoUsually answers questions such as what has happened and why What are the causes and effects of such or suchoMethods observation and generalizationNormativeoExamines and reflects on how things should be how the community should be governed and what should be pursued through politicsoAnswers questions such asWhat should be doneWhat would be best hereoMore textual and intellectual methods
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