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Any type of citation1Compare a couple of authors Burke conservative JS Mill Liberal liberals rationalists progress social engineering conservative is critical of rationalism abstract thinking whats important is tradition if it works dont reform unless its necessary Stanford encyclopedia of philosophyIntro the importance of institutions one side being more rationalistDifferences individuality 4 main principles of liberalism idea of limited political power fundamental need to limit power in order that individuals are able to develop their potential governments need consent of the governed in order to be legitimate Rigth to throw out a government right to revoltIndividuals are rational and selfinterested determines how they behave both politically and socially Competition amongst individuals drives society forwardSeparation of church and state freedom of religionFreedom allows intellectuals to use their capacity and exercise their intellectual potentialEquality of rights equality before the law not equality of possessing goods no institutionalized privilege Leaders and citizens are expected to be treated equally Free
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