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Political Science
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Political ScienceDefinitionPolitical Science is the study of politics Politics is the process of making binding decision to allocate scarce resources within the society This process is called Authoritative allocation of values Who gets what when and how Two universal characteristics of politics1POWERability to make someone to something that heshe would not have done otherwiseHas 3 variantsaAuthorityVested to individuals by virtue of their office Best way most secure and most used 3 VariantsICharismatic authorityExtraordinary qualities and missions as a leader IILegal Authority Based on legal principals and it is the rule of law that legitimizes the individualIIITradition AuthorityDerived from the respect for the sanctity of tradition bCoercionLimited value and effectiveness Force to make citizens comply Short run works long runRevcInfluenceLimited value and effectivenessInfluence someone to do something but is voluntary and no insurance that the goals of the government will be reached 2 CONFLICT a problem Happens for 2 reasonsaCompetition for scarce resources bCompetition for differing goals and valuesChapter 2Contending ApproachesIdeologHistorical Main Main tenetsKey words In contemporary yorigins branchespoliticsLiberalismFirst emerged Classical 1Limited and accountable Freedom Dominant in Liberalismgovernment SecularEquality and western in 17th century 2Negative Freedom Free market societies 3Equality of rights legal and less britainCaused the 4Free market government Mechanism put Individualsin place to Glorious RevUtilitarian control and limit IdeologHistorical Main Main tenetsKey words In contemporary yorigins branchespoliticsFirst known government Reform 1Limited political power but Empowerment powerLiberalismnot as much Positive as classical liberalismresponsible 2 Positive freedomfreedom 3 Equality of opportunity Democracy governmentexplain justify 4Free market same thingand Suffrage 5Suffrage and democracy Individuals and defend actions and Utilitarian decisions Federalism divides power between federal and provincial dif levels Charter of rights and freedomsassures rule of lawNeoliberalism classical with international tradesConservatiStrongly Classical 1Order Order smConservatis2Society as a whole rooted in the sociopolitical m3order if European feudalism French revolution was a decisive Neoconserva1Free market lower taxes moment for tism 2Market before state Classical 3conservatism Created as a response to the french revolution Wants to avoid similar issues
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