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Sovereigntya principal that states have the right to govern their population and territory without outside or inside interference Unitary System A system of governing in which sovereign authority lies with the central government regional and local governments are subordinate Turkey based on the French system constitution stresses the indivisible nature of the Turkish State no political autonomy for the Kurdish People Devolution A system of governing in which the Central Government gives some legislative as well as administrative duties to one or more regional bodies United KingdomTraditionally a union state devolution in 3 nations Northern Ireland Scotland and Wales Asymmetrical They all get health care law and transportation Scotland got Tax Power stays with Westminster Confederal SystemA system of governing in which sovereign states agree to give some authority to a joint government with limited authority while still maintaining their identity as a sovereign state Federalism A system of governing in which sovereign authority is shared or divided between federal and provincial governments each deriving authority from the constitution unlike devolution central government cannot take power back LegalConstitutional FormJudical Empire Allegation of Revenues Supreme Written Constitution Distribution of legislative authority coordinacy Political Construct Operational Reality vs Constitutional Form Predisposition to democratic rights processes and institutions facilitating inter governmental relations Models of FederalismQuasi FederalismA form of federalism in which the central government has overriding powers contradicting coordinacy Classical FederalismA form of federalism in which each level of government concerns itself with its own areas of authority without infringing on the authority of other authoritiesCoOperative FederalismTwo levels of government work together on the development and authority of many government relations Competitive Federalism Periods of time in which the levels of government compete for the support of the population and for more resources Distribution of PowerFederalism
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