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University of Ottawa
Political Science

The subfields of political science Political ThoughtNormative political philosophy and empirically oriented theory Political philosophy concerns itself with the ends of purposes of political action and addresses normative issues Ex What is a good citizenWestern Political thought is derived from 5 major historical periods classical medieval enlightenment late modern thought and contemporary political theory Nonwestern examples Buddhism Comparative Politics Studies different political systems in the world comparing diff Forms of government and functions in order to develop an understanding of some of the worlds diverse political structures and practices Debate on which subfield ex Political culture etc should concentrate on which area of study It s further divided into the study of developing societies and of advanced industrial notations Canadian Domestic Politics Focus on own country Domestic politics is parallel to comparative politics International relations Deals with domestic politics of different countries and studies the relationships between different states and their foreign policies Dominant schools of thought include realism and neorealism liberalism and neoliberalism fem
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