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Political Science
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CHAPTER 10Universal suffragethe right for all adults to vote regardless of gender ethnicity wealth etcGerrymanderingmanipulation of the division of the country into benefitting a particular partyElectoral sysused to translate the votes that ppl cast into the composition of the legis and the selection of govtSinglemember pluralitywhere a voters in an area vote for a single rep to the legis The candidate with the most votes wins regardless of the majority of votes won or notElectoral collegea body that elects the pres of USA Members of the electoral college are reqd to vote for the pres candidateMajoritarian electoral syssys designed to ensure that the winning candidate has the support of the majority of votesRunoff electionheld if no candidate get a majority Usually only the top 2 competePreferential votingwhen voters rank candidates in order of preference Keeps going on until there is a majorityProportional representation PR syssys where the proportion of seats a party gets in the legis reflects the proportion of votes it has obtainedCoalition govttwo of more parties jointly governSingle transferable vote sysMixed member proportional syssys in which voters cast one vote for the party they prefer and one vote for the candidateParty identificationlongterm psychological attachment to a particular pol partyValence issuesissues on which there is a gen consensusCHAPTER 15Parliamentary sysclose reln btw the pol executive PM and Cabinet and parliament legis and law making body the executive is composed of the HoC Resp govtwhere the PM and cabinet executiveis accountable to parliament for its actionsHead of stateensure the legit govt is in place Does not make deci but invloved in the processConstitutional monarchythe monarch is a symbolic fig rather thanan active participant in the governing process eg CanadaGov genperson who carries out the duties and resp of the monarch at the national level in CanLieutenant govcarries the resp and duties of the monarch at the provincial levelHead of govtperson who heads the executive side of govt and is resp for choosing the cabinetsIn Canada the Pm is head of govt
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