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Intl LawSecretariatsecretary generaljob is to oversee administrative aspects of the United Nations International public servantsHeaded by the secretary generalThe UN takes a public stand through the voice of the SGSG appt in 5 year terms by the general assembly and with recommendation of the Security Council ultimate power is the Security Council SG can have high or low status depends if you consider the UN an important organization and on the skills of the person ProblemsOften criticized for being a too slow to adapt Too many people being paid too muchCriticized for the perks that employees get Lack of coop in the Security CouncilOften there is no agreement then resolutions dont get voted onblockedvetoed Specific problemsOil for Food Program 1990s Program that authorized the sale of oil from Iraqis if the money was used to purchase foodeducational tools etc There were shady dealings between the oil companies buying from the Iraqis Iraqi officials and UN officials Some money went into the pockets of these people Human Rights Commission Libya became the chair for one month in 2003 Libya is not known for being democratic or advocating human rights this was frowned upon and the Human rights Commission was abolished Sexual abuseforced prostitution by UN Peacekeepers 1990s 200s UN very slow to respond to the criticisms of those countries and the women abusedConclusionsStates operate through multiple channels Sustained and complex relationshipsThey institutionalize cooperation in international organizationsBut state retains their sovereignty to act in their interestThey formalize cooperation in international lawthHuman rights and Humanitarian Intervention Feb7What are human rights Rights due to all human beings An intuitive ideaSimple things that everyone should be able to think of quickly that all human should haveThese are the bare necessities If you had only these basic rights our lives would not be very comfortableExceptionsjustifiable violation of rights in order to protect othersThe need for intl human rightsIntl human rights did not exist until the 1940s
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