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Political Science
Andre Lecours

Week 1 - The 1867 Constitution: -Prelude to Confederation. - The compromise of 1867. - The B.N.AAct: signs of centralization. Week 2 - The Evolution of Canadian Federalism: General considerations - what is federalism? - centralization and decentralization in federal systems. - forces of change. Historical and contemporary evolution -the early days: the provincial rights movement -crises: the wars and the depression - the 1950s: the heyday of federal power - the Quiet Revolution and provincial activism -the Trudeau years -the Mulroney years -the Chrétien and Martin years - Stephen Harper and open federalism Intergovernmental Relations and Fiscal Relations: 1- Intergovernmental Relations -Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems: Inter- versus Intra-State Federalism. -Intergovernmental Relations in Canada: Federal-provincial diplomacy Executive federalism First Ministers Meetings Ministers Meeting Bureaucratic relations 2- Fiscal Relations - Fiscal imbalance and vertical transfers -Conditional and unconditional transfers in federal systems. -Equalization: the need for horizontal transfers - The history and workings of the equalization program. - The politics of equalization in Canada Week 3 - Quebec, Aboriginal Peoples and the Politics of Nationalism Nationalism: Definitions and dynamics. Québec politics and society - Pre-1960s Québec - The Quiet Revolution: social, economic and political dimensions and consequences. - The Québec Liberal Party: the drive for autonomy and recognition. - The PQ: independence and social democracy. Aboriginal Peoples - Contact with the Europeans. - Aboriginal diversity - The Indian Act (1876) - Social, cultural and economic issues in Canada's Aboriginal community. - The 1969 White Paper and Aboriginal Mobilization Federalism: Political and Policy Dimensions Politics and Federalism - Visions of Federalism - Centralization and decentralization -Symmetry and asymm
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