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Political sci is divided into 4 subfields International Relations relationships between states but branches out to global affairs such as peace Political thought major philosophers questions about justice etc Comparative politics domestic politics in countries other then canadaCanadian Politics similar to comparative politics due to domestic politics it is a distinct in Canadian field due to our nationality Its hard to study canadian politics without taking into consideration of international standards at all Scholars studying Canadian Politics are placing it in a comparative perspectives Canada has peculiar characteristics which makes its government differentComparative term reflects the reality that scholars will study Canada their whole life They get drawn to other countries that are similar This is how Canada manages their cultural difference The 1867 Constitution Prelude to confederation Territories of Canada were first found by french until the british conquest of 1759 British authorities had various tactics of those who are french canadian Attempts to assimilate and create a more homogenous population that would result in protestant and english speaking Lord Durham to investigate problem of the two raises and assimilate then french canadians to english speaking The British Crown had an acknowledgment of french canadians so changing them would be difficult so instead agreed to allow them to be Catholic and speaking french 1774 1840 Premisses of Lord Durham assimilation is the way to go Although the two canadas were connected in 1840 bicultural still was pushing for Durham theory They were separated into an upper canada and lower canada 1791 constitutional act In societies that are divided has the main problem of who is the leader Before it was one person from each group to represent the country Dual Prime ministership which can be difficult to experience If one says no then nothing moves forwardPolitical deadlocks in act of union Having two different communities in one union must create a vito to respect the other There needed to be another form of political organization to satisfy the ambitions of both different communities At the same time they were ambitions of creating economic opportunities in a new land unification to create markets 1861 Americans had a civil war to push towards creating a unification United Canada would be stronger then divided Outlined in readings and notes very important to why canada and Canadian politics was created1political deadlocks2desire to create a market3american threatsWay states were constructed with a strong central government
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