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POL 2101Lecture 1John A MacDonald preferred a unitary stateCartier French Canadian Side opposed unitary state cos he knew French minority in Canada would always be on a losing sideCanadian federation created in 1867 agreed to have a centralised federation Constitution Most of the time written and they explain how government work and interact together What relation between citizen and government is Very difficult to change The Supreme law of a state All laws in Canada must be constitutional They must all agree with Canadas constitution Federalism In a Federation there is a division of powers in levels of government Division of power is written into a constitution For change to happen in constitution there has to be an agreement made on both the provincial and federal levelBNA British North American Act was meant to establish a centralised federation Reservation and Disallowence are powers that are supposed to enable the Federal government to either reserve or disallowcancel provincial jurisdiction part of VNA act Federal power is able to cancel or delay Provincial jurisdictionWhat in the VNA act makes Canada seem like a centralised Federation EXAM Q MIDTERM Coherent explanation PAPERQuestiona are primarly about exalpiningExplain he does not want a descriptionBe analytical instead of descriptiveEX Why is there sovereignty movement in Quebenc Why does It exist not a history reportCentralised Federation The power is tilted to the Federal government Decentralised Federation The power is tilted toward the Provincial governmentScholars say Canada is a Decentralised FederationIn Canada money is distributed half half between Federal and Provincial IndicatorsThe way the money is collected When we pay tax If more money goes to the Federal government you have a Centralised Government
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