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University of Ottawa
Political Science

September 11 2012 POL 2102BProfessors Priorities for being elected for PM 1 Enviornment 2 Inequality Democracy system of governance in which ppl rule either directly or threw representives political system based on principle tha governance require assents of all partciapationMinimal conditions fair elections right to vote right to run for office right to express them selves without fear right to form independant associations Some politcal scientists think that this is not enoughThese rights are essential to democracy Liberal democracy can have several attributesgov follow the rule of law ppl are elected periodicly free and fair elections All the democracies in the world have constitutions Constitutions is the set of binding norms and rules that provide the legitimate of exerviced powerCanada has a constitutional govCivil society groups humain rights groupes studnt group not always political but have meanings Political engagement is a big theme in this courseCivil engagement joining groups clubs civicly engaged civil goes with citizens ppl active in their community hockey club debat society Canadian rank 3 with their city involvement Political engagement awarness of political issues shapes the laws and policies voting civil society organizations this is hugely important democracy cant happen without itPoliticaly active citizen needs to be able to make assesments and know were to look for information must work with other to acheive political goals understands how the political system works has a developed sence of political ethenicityCanada is not a nation of political activities we compare to other countries but we aare a bit lower the northern europe 1 out of 10 canadians actually take part of electionsNot all civil society groups participate with political activities Suzanna Mattler interested in the relationship on wat gov does and political engagement Less gov will mean more politcal involvement the decision of getting involved If gov turns u off u wont participate Political and civic engagement important themeconfideration of canada and its constitution Constitutions live the gov In canada the constitution is made out of severval documents the 2 main documents of the constitution is Constitution Act 1867 and COnstitution act 1982 the first 34 sections of this act are the charterConstitution is the seprime law of the land Refer the creation of the land of a confederatoion Canadas property is called the fedaration c 1867 sections 91 to 95 does not contain ways to change the constitution we need to get the authorization of the uk gov to change the constition The constitution development began in 1763 with the Royal ProclamationOther documents 1774 the Quebec Act the 1791 Constitutional act and the 1840 act of union1174 refer to this act to the most fondemantalRoyal proclamation was the tolorent of the french practice speak their language practice their religion 1840 uper canada and lower canada were unitedResponsible gov having confidance in the house if they lose confidence then the party must fallHouse of communs Senate Gov will be the parlimentaryFounders of the country were not well developed The founders were not described as strong canadian nationalists Founders created a state but wasnt a fully independent country it didnt have international affairs of power hade to apel of the british court things were amde by the britishno decleration of independanceThird point of confederation were ottawa was dominant Made ways to make ottawa gain the power Ottawa had unlimited taxing power and spending power Vision of a strong federal gov What to write in the memoConfederation link to political engagement the confederation agreement produced a senate that was appointed The senate process does not foster the political engagement Confederation was not put to referenda WEEK 3Sept 18 2012 chapter 101Preliminaries 2The constitutionProfs constitutional priority Senate reform He would make the senate a place were it would be elected The prof prefers a mixture though senate consiste of member of 2 sourcees 1 the provinces federal government and the choice of the province make the senate a equal representation of provinces 58 ppl per province Confederationthers are 4royal proclamation 1774 continued the attitude to the French 1791 constitutional act americain didnt like the revolution an the active union become united in one province 1837 rebellion on the upper and lower Canada Responsible government held accountable to their action to the elected representatives to the house 1867 confederation There were 3 issues about confederation 1the founders of the country were not democrat 2 the founders were not candaian nationalist didn not seek full canadaian independence no constitutional amendment procedures this was costly 3 they chose a federal system and wanted the law authority to lie at the federal level The constitutions are important cuz it puts a limiti on state power in the rights section that are included in constitutions It sets out the government how the government is suppose to work are we going to have a senate a house Suppose to express the shared values
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