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Political Science

Key Terms1 FederalismThere are two different styles of Federal State A system of governing in which sovereign authority is divided or shared between the central government and regional governments They are divided through an establishing of a constitution Unitary state A system of governing in which sovereign authority rests with the central government regional and local governments are subordinateCanada is considered a federal state as power falls to both federal and provincial governments Federalism is more than just an institution there is a component of socialism Federalism was formed because there were different cultures throughout a country that were regionally concentratedResponsibilitiesFederal Military Foreign Affairs law unemployment insurance citizenship banking aboriginal affairs tradingResidual power clause it is a clause that states that whatever is not in the constitution or will be developed later is the responsibility of the Federal Government Provincial responsibility Administration of Justice Health Education Natural Resources WelfareShared Immigration provinces can have their own immigration laws Agriculture Over the years Canada has shifted from Centralization to Decentralization which means more power has moved to the lower level of government rather than the upper levelExecutive Federalism is the relation between elected and appointed officials of the two orders of governmentIn Canada the most publicized aspect of Executive federalism is the First Ministers Conference
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