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Lecture Overview - Midterm

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Political Science
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Sophie Bourgault

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ANTIGONE I – Situating ‘the Greek miracle’ : brief historical overview of Ancient Greece. II – The functions of tragedy & possible links between democracy and tragedy III – Antigone’s motives (& a few words on the issue of gender) IV – Creon’s approach to statesmanship * kerygma (decree) vs. nomos (law) * Antigone: antipolitical or not? V – Creon – a tyrant? VI – Lessons about ruling, about politics Female emotion (irrationality) vs. male rationality Demands of piety vs. demands of civic order / political expediency Family vs. city Love vs. justice ………………………… * is it that simple??? THE APOLOGY I- The Socratic Problem & the “trauma” of Socrates’s death. II- The ‘old’ accusations (Aristophanes) * Socrates: founder of (political) philosophy? III - The recent accusations & Socrates’s rebuttal IV- What is behind the trial: politics, religious int
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