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University of Ottawa
Political Science

The Origins of Political Thought in Ancient GreeceSeptember12111259 PMWhat is a TheoryDefinitionsIt is a set of interconnected statements which seek to describe the relationship between two or more distinct entities or phenomenaCharacteristicsAbstractProsaicWordyExplain how you got your answerOpenendedAllowed to add on personal interpretation towards ideas presented by other peopleCulturally and historically influencedElementsFunctions Political TheorySystematic argument about the ends of human life and about how a given society or community should be ordered so that those ends can be best attained PastedfromfileCUsersJoseDocumentsSchool20StuffUniversityYear202POL202107September207th202011docx Basic Elements of a Theory1OntologyiA set of claims or assumptions about the nature of reality what kinds of objects exist their consistency and their behaviour1EpistemologyiA set of claims or assumptions regarding what kind of knowledge is valid and useful what limits of this knowledge are limits and how it can be acquired1ConceptsiDefinitions that function as lenses to identify and bring together the important elements ofa thing or phenomenon Concepts generally refer to something that is abstract or not physically present Functions of TheoryEmpirical or ExplanatoryHow doesworkNormative or CriticalDoeswork like it shouldSpeculative or UtopianHow should we redefineredesignImportant Dates Greece499BCEGrecoPersian wars begin490BCEBattle of Marathon first grecopersian war ends479BCEVictories over the Persians at Thermopylae449BCEFinal peace with the Persians431404BCE Peloponnesian War338BCEConquest of Greek world by Philip of MacedonAncient Greece ContinuedSeptember14111126 AMGrecoPersian WarsCitystates had to come together in an alliance to hold their own against the PersiansInitially led by the Spartans Then Athenians took overAthenian leadership was called the Delian LeagueBased at the Greek island of DelosHerodotusWrote The HistoriesDocumentation of the GrecoPersian warNot the most accurate history Peloponnesian WarsBattle between Athens and its allies against SpartaOn going tension between the two city statesKinda like the cold warRepresents competing idealogiesAthens major centre of commerce art culture Sea power Good Navy Very open city DemocraticSpartans were a land power Small city with limited citizenship Very closed city Oligarchy All about military Thought art was for girls Very simple peopleDivides the Greek worldAthens lostWaste of resources and energy Leaves them to be weekPhilip of Macedon comes in and conquers themLots of citystates meant lots of political experimentationMore intensely political than nationstates todayGreeks not really interested in conquest People of GreeceHad two different words for citizenCitizensomebody who can participate in political accept Men were beautifulLarger Citizenwomen childrenWomenout of public life Different place in the house Was kinda just in theirBeing gay was okay AthensBasically women were just used to create more menSlavesAcquired through the slave marketNot citizensCant own any propertyPeople who are in politics those that dont have to make a living for themselvesMoral PreceptsCourageWisdomJusticeKnowing what the right thing to do isModerationSelfcontrol AthensOne of the big cities in Greece300000 population40000 full citizensImportant Dates594 The Constitution of SolonForm and structure of government not a written document508 Democratic reforms of Cleithenes461 to 429 the age of PericlesLots of democratic reforms411 Tyranny of the 500Defeat by Sparta the Thirty TyrantsDefeat by Macedoniaend of democracyAthenian Democracy1Direct Democracycitizen over age of 17 you can attend and vote on laws Urban and welleducated If citizen you can attend1Small citizen poolchildren women cant vote Only 20 of population can vote1Major Posts in officenot elected but selected Almost pulled out of a hat Filled by groups of peopleElectedGenerals1No constitutional limitations SpartaLots of slaves September1911107 PMMain Institutions of Athenian Democracy1AssemblyPlace where laws got made 6000 people needed in order to pass rules Met 40 times a yearStasisthings are in a stand stillDefining principle isegoria meaning public somethingLegislative branch1Council of 50010 different citywards tribes 50 eachExecutive body that runs the assemblyIsonomia everybody equalExecutive branch1Law Courts
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