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Political Science

AcropolisA settlement usually a citadel that is built on the most elevated area for defence reasons in a cityApsidal Describes a room or building with an apse stylesemicircular wall or recess When the Pattern Ware people took over the settlements in EH3MH they changed from rectangular long house to small apsidal housesThere is also Megarons that has a semicircular wall or recess on the opposite to the main entrance Ashlar masonry The building style first introduced in the building style of old first palaces on Crete Stone is cut in rectangular fashion and laid in parallel courses Basileus Greek word for ruler king During Mycenaean times it was used to call a minor local official Cist grave A burial type used in Early Helladic It is a shallow rectangular grave cut into the earth It is sometimes stonelined or slabbuilt It usually contains multiple burials and sometimes grave gifts It is located outside of the settlementCitadel Means Little City it is the smaller or inner fortified city that is usually on AcropolisCorbelling An arch created from rows of Ashlar Masonry projecting outward from a wall and bearing the weight of the next row above it Each row projects slightly beyond the one below It is used to create the Tholos tombs in the Late Helladic periodCult Physical manifestation of religion including items and acts such as rituals clothing and dedicationsCycladic figurine White idols the Cyclades in early Bronze Age It marks the beginning of using marbles to craft It is usually found in graves and is very small Mostly resemble females fertilitysexuality and has very little anatomical and facial features It is mostly flat backs and folded arms The true function of the idols are not known some guesses goddesses spirits or used for amulets Cyclopean walls Walls built of huge unworked limestone boulders which are roughly fitted together Between these boulders are smaller hunks of limestone to fill the gaps The exterior is roughly hammerdressed but the boulders themselves are never carefully cut The cyclopean walls can be seen at the Mycenaean palacesDromos It is a long entrance way into the Tholos tombs of the Mycenaean Late HelladicEmporium A place where merchandise is collected or tradedFaience Fine glazed pottery The snake goddess that Sir Arthur Evans discovered in Knossos was made of FaienceFresco Wall painting made by rapid applications of colors to plaster while still dampFrying pan A vase discovered in the Cyclades in early Bronze Age it is decorated with incisions with spiral motif fish boat and triangle symbolism of fertility The function is unknown thought to have cosmetic function as a mirror or made for kitchen
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