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Political Science

The Bureaucracy 110107 1221 AM The principals of bureaucracy NeutralityIt is important to understand that not all democratic countries operate with this principalIn the US after elections the higher ranked people in the bureaucracy either stay if they are associated with the party that won or leave if they are associated with the losing partyGovernment needs to be able to rely on a bureaucracy which it knows will implement and follow its ordersIn some countries it seems that a neutral bureaucracy is only a theoretical possibility o Canada relies on this o Canada has a non partisan bureaucracy o You are allowed to vote and support parties but there are certain things you cannot doYou cannot write a newspaper editorial and send it to be published for example o Governments come and go but bureaucrats stay o That neutrality allows them to offer some level of continuity to government o This continuity offers a higher level of expertise in the bureaucracy o The problem according to some is that there is no real thing as complete neutralityGenerally speaking this type of concern is expressed by conservative governmentsBecause many of the structures of Canadian society has been implemented by Liberals the conservatives have a feeling that the bureaucracy tends to lean to the liberal side o Clerk of the Privy Council is the highest ranking civil servant in CanadaActs as a direct liaison between the bureaucracy and the Prime MinisterTends to be party favorable person
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