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FEM 2012Corrie Scott TA Alex Viauaviau071uottawaca thCourse 1Jan 10 The focus is on the process of questioning seeks to put women in the center since they are not as present in all the different sectors Not only on women but also on the masculine image in society Perceptions in society of sex and gender The way power circulate to the lives of individuals and groups The difference with feminism is that feminism is more the social movement whereas womens studies is the academic side of itBell hooks feminism is a movement to end sexism sexist exploitation and oppressionSex refers to the designation of being biologically male or femaleGender the social construction of the masculine and feminine Refers to the cultural designation of feminine and masculine A social category imposed on a sexed body Joan ScottDichotomy Organizes people concepts and things into two mutually exclusive categories Encourages us to view things as opposites eliminating the possibility of ambiguity Influence the way we describe and understand the idea of opposites relevant to the way we perceive males and females our social perception of biological organs We now take biology as THE determinant factor to separate people Predominant thought in modern societies day night yes no black white Our tendency to view as odd or deviant grey zones is a product of dichotomy It is a either or way of thinking Masculine FeminineAggressiveEmotionalRulerDelicateToughAccommodatingBreadwinnerSubmissive LogicalrationalMaternalnurturing AuthoritativePassivePhysically strongIrrationalUnemotionalPinkBluePhysically weakTheyre opposites of each other putting the men as more valuable superior Very stereotypical considering the fact that a lot of men display feminine traits and viceversaPeople that display traits of the opposite sex are usually perceived as gay or lesbian often subordinated It obviously depends of the trait but it is usually not valued for a man to be emotional or weak Its culturally based in Europe for instance men are not all strong and tough and it is perfectly fine They are other social groups that would change that list race for instance thCourse 2Jan 13Videobell hooksoutlaw culture Popular culture is where people get their perceptions of ideals for genders Thinking critically on top of literacy is at the heart of any transformations on social ways and representations White men have the power to reproduce any images they want to giving their representations of racial stereotypes or sexist stereotypes that perpetuate negative representation in society In movies or shows Media has a huge control on our imagination Its a manipulation of the representations Medias are also used to hold back women from feminist ideasWhite supremacy evokes political thinking like the apartheid where the society of colored casts and allows the collusions of black people refers to institutional thinking instead of personal beliefsEx Madonna reproducing patriarchal ideology and positioning herself on the white camp reproducing white supremacy because it made more money Movie Kids rap music Color cast system the color of your skin determines your rank in society lighter skin and women with straight hair have it more easyCommodified blackness the use of blackness to sell media like the movie smoke reinforcing the stereotypes young white men from the suburbs listening to black music as a commodity Enlightened witness what we should be educated aware and critically vigilant about the representation literacyWhite supremacist capitalist patriarchy 1 keeps white ppl at the center of the discussion makes the whites responsible 2 shows the ways that oppressions interlocks and reinforce one another 3 evokes the political system the institution the structure not just the individual point of view 4 allows for the complicity of people of colour1thCourse 3Jan 17Scientific understanding of raceSee the articleLike sex we tend to thing of race as innate and biological something we inherit from our parents We try to find the characteristics that identify to the races The measurements of the skull the ones of white men as larger as having a bigger brain and those of women and black ppl as smallerRace is not based on biology but race is rather an idea that we ascribe to biology Alan Goodman Race has no genetics or biological basisThere is a greater genetic variation within the populations typically labeled Black in White than between these populations Ian Haney Lopez Reveals the social rather that scientific nature The history has long been the history of failed efforts to justify social beliefs LopezSlavery predates race Race came as a way to justify slavery and social inequality Racial fabrication humans produce races the process by which racial meanings arise human rather that social natural forces creates it That includes gender and class relations Our understanding of race and the prejudices changes very quickly Races are constructed relationally against one another and not in isolation We understand blackness in contrast or in opposition to the white population for example Suggest the possible intention to deceive and implies the working of human handsRacethe power of a illusion l 4 of 4youtube 1 How is ancestry different from raceAncestry is biological genetics the family tree Race is solely a social construct 2 Should doctors take biological race into account when treating illness Can you think of a situation where thinking about race as biological might be misleading or have a negative effectNo because we might have some ancestry that doesnt show visibly Doctors presume and rule out prematurely some sickness associated with certain races 3 Race is an illusion Racism is real ExplainRacist assumptions are very commons the black professor often mistaken as the football coach thCourse 4Jan 20Interlocking oppression Additive models vs interlocking models Additiveadds all the oppressions as units of oppression like black and woman So all people have all the same characteristics of women or of black people Too simplistic Gives us a portrait of a woman asvery patronizingInterlockingacknowledge that the systems of oppression work together Sexism homophobia and racism all work together By treating one you treat all They are all dependent of one anotherSarah Jonesinterlocking analysis on youtubeDef poetry Sarah Jones your revolution The revolution will not happen between these thighsthe objectifying of womenThe mainstream roots of black people and hip hop the need to make it real again commodified blackness Women are as much to blame for reproducing the stereotypes Coercive domination for gaysShad on youtube Shadbrother watching Historical representations of blackness and black masculinity as hyper violent and sexist The young have that pressure to act like that and to reproduce those stereotypes their hypervisibility Lynn Manning Her website and her blogspot Poem The magic wand Quickchange artist extraordinaire I whip out my folded caneand change from black man to blind manwith a flick of my wrist It is a profound metamorphosis From God gifted wizard of roundballdominating backboards across America To Godgifted idiot savant composerpounding out chartbusters on a cockeyed whim From sociopathic gangbanger with death for eyesto allseeing soul with saintly spirit From rape deranged misogynistto poor motherless child From welfarerich pimpto disabilityrich gimp And from white mans burdento every mans burden It is always a profound metamorphosis Whether from cursed by man to cursed by God or from scriptures condemned to God ordained My final form is never of my choosing2
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