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Political Science

DVM ReviewST1 PARTINTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTND2 PARTGLOBALIZATIONRD3 CANADIAN PERSPECTIVESst1 classStepping into a new field of knowledgeThis class 3 different places of knowledge Canada globalization and international relationsWe can enjoy a kind of multidisciplinary complexitiesQuestion what is developmentoA kind of a term A concept A theory A perspective Or all of themnd2 classDefinition of development scope reach content it is a term that is multidimensional According to who defined differently by people We suggest policies and programs that are different Ex Canadians vs Americans and Germans International organisations have their own perspectivesIn the beginning it was in terms of economic growth today is it about human developmentBasic definition The ability of a society to produce adequate supply of goods and services to accumulate capital and distribute fruits of production oWhat do you mean by production Quantity is not important but the process of production What societies must pay to produce How countries can produce without harming others Neoliberals care about quantity Ex They tell Africa to produce as much as they can Economic social political production oAccumulation Of capital What kind of capital Economic or social and cultural Concentration always on economic by the westerners materialistic oDistribution Many problemsWesterners Goods services As long as these are distributed there is certain kind of justice Development must be defined in terms of its context What do you mean by international development oAs defined by the northern societies or the southern societiesoNorthernersWesterners 1949 1950 1960 1973 1979 1989 1999 how can they help the societies of the south to develop themselveshas been understood differently throughout the yearsTruman 1949 post Second World War the societies of the north have a kind of duty or responsibility to share their own scientific achievements with the societies of the south He called the South backwards societies Development for him Advanced societies can share their achievements
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