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Political Science

Women and HealthFistulasLife expentacyLiteracyPovertyWomen are biologically built to survive they live longer lives but they are less healthy Cos they are undervalued in society SA a result they are often poorly fed malnourished and nurtured whether as mothers or as daughters Why should we be coonsidered with womens health From a human rights perspective womens unequal status should be a source for concern In addition however improving womens health is important not only because women like all citizens of the world desrve to live long and healthy lives but also because healthy women have a significant impact on the world around them because they often form the family by cooking meals caring for sick children relatives and maintaing the household healthy women are critical to raising healthy childrne Women and reproductive healthHaving a baby shoild be a joyous time in a womens life but it can be the most dangerouslife threatening danger as thus maternal morality is is an everincreasing risk every minute a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth this means that on average 1400 women die daily and more than 536000 women die annually maternal morality figures have remained unchanged over the past two decades despite the fact that the United nations has made reducing MM a key element of tge millenium developemtn goalsThere are compellling reasons why family planning when ce
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