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Midterm Notes

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Political Science
Sophie Bourgault

MID-TERM TEST (in class; February 10th) You will have two hours to write the exam. You are not allowed to have any notes or books with you. You must leave your bags along the walls of the auditorium; don’t forget to turn off your cell phones and leave them in your bags. The week before the test: please don’t hesitate to come see me (or to see a T.A.) if you have questions about the texts or the lectures. You do not have to see the specific T.A. to whom you have been assigned. (For a list of their office hours (and their email addresses), please see the document on Blackboard) Format. The exam will have two parts: 1) partA: Questions will be on Machiavelli only. You will have some choice. You must answer ONE of these questions with an essay. (All these questions will require knowledge of both the Prince and the Discourses). 2) part B: Questions will be on De la Boétie and on Machiavelli (some might be comparative questions). You will once again have some choice. You must answer ONE of these questions with an essay. Both questions are of equal value. For a list of possible questions and topics, please see the list at the very end of the document. Please note that I will not necessarily pose a question exactly the way it is phrased below or the way it was phrased on the board in class. A few tips: • Your essays must have a very brief introduction & conclusion; a thesis statement must be given at the beginning of the essay. (MAKE SURE THATYOU ANSWER THE QUESTION.) Your essay must be clearly organized and support your thesis statement well. Try to stay as close as possible to the text(s). • Be specific; avoid vague or superficial statem
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