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LockeFeb 2ndLocke Founder of English style liberalism Gives substance to liberal thought Understands the importance of institutions1Argues that all governments is limited in its power and it exists only with the consent of the governed2All men are born freeWants to understand political powerGovernment is there to ensure laws and protect the commonwealth from foreign involvementLockeState of Nature Initially seen as a state of perfect freedom and natural equality The natural freedom of men is derived by their natural equalityFor Locke the State of Nature is prepolitical but not presocietal Freedom is the consequence of political arrangementsState of Nature for Locke is a state of liberty Has a law of nature that obliges everyone Natural liberty of mankind is ruled by the State of NatureIf there were no laws in State of Nature there would be no real equality and therefor no real freedomLocke is the political theorist that legitimizes the acquisition and accumulation of propertyIf you can accumulate property you had reasonThe Law of Nature in the State of Nature taught three things1no one should do harm to others2one should not take anothers possessions3men are equal and independentLocke does not equal the State of Nature with the State of War The State of War can exist at any time where there is no common superior to judgeState of War exists when arbitrary force is used The opposite to the State of Nature is civil societyCivil society Rule of Lawcommon superiorIn civil society one has an independent which enforces the lawState of War is distinguished from civil society and State of Nature because it consists of the use of force without right justice or authority Can come about in both State of Nature and civil society when power is used in an illegitimate fashion without justice
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