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Midterm Review

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Stephanie Mullen

1 - Steps in the Scientific Method 1. Identify the problem 2. Hypothesis the cause 3. Provide clear definitions of concepts 4. Operationalize concepts 5. Gather empirical data 6. Test the hypothesis 2 - Quantitative VS Qualitative QUANT  Experimental research  Surveys  Numerical data  Analytic approach  Tangible concepts  Answers “why” QUAL  Interviews  Observation  Case study  Intangible concepts  Content analysis  Answers “what” 3 – List 3 starting points for the research process:  Observation  News  Policy issue 4 – Name 3 components of the consent form.  Right to withdraw  Date & signature  Info about the study 5 – Name 2 ways research in social science can be dangerous for researchers. The first way which research in social science can be threatening to the researcher is an unsafe environment. Research usually requires us to go out in the field to make observations and conduct studies. Providing a safe and secure environment for the researcher and all parties involved is of the utmost importance. A second way which research in social science can be threatening to the researcher is in terms of various stigmas and opinions surrounding the issue under study. Some areas of research and very controversial and personal threats could be made to the researcher. Any threatening behavior/comments should be reported. 6 – Explain one of the Levels of Measurement (NOIR) The nominal level of measure deals with categories which cannot be ranked (the opposite of ordinal categories). For example, data collected regarding the participant’s gender (male/female) is nominal. The interval/ratio level of measure deals specifically with numerical data; for example, the participant’s income. 7 – Causal model Study habits (IV1)  Test Score (DV) Sleep (IV2)  Test Score (DV) 8 – Research methods vary drastically depending on theories, paradigms, and personal experience. The theory or paradigm selected will determine whether the research is done from a quantitative or qualitative approach. For example, early pos
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