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stPOL notes March 1You can drop a course up until youve received your first gradeQuestion de rechercheDistinction entre question de politique international et politique interne Par exampleun bon RQestce que la position proIsraelean nuire au Canada limage au moyenOrient Bad RQhow does conservative policy in Canada impact its economy That is internal policy not internationalAssignementEntre 812 pages mais tu dois rflchir bien et dvelopper doubleligneDoes NOT wantdescriptive text or historical textstDoes want colourful interesting analysis and an opinion 1 person Je is ok do not use NousIntro 115 page include your theme introduce your RQ in 25 lines introduire comment tu vas repondre a la question your 3 argumentsHistorique 1 page optional do not go into detailspecific dates Only vital dates and contextConclusion rsume les arguments oui ou non avezvous raison sur lhypotheseReferences no plagiarising Cite everything Nimporte quel style mais soit consistent Do NOT cite course content or lecture slides it is not peer reviewed or scientific articleUtilise materiel de coursRalisme position assez ngative lanarchie pas efficace dilemme prisonnierPrisoners Dilemma 1Confirm what the other guy did but he says nothing He gets 3 yrs you 0 yrs2both say nothing 1 year each3you both confirm crimes of the other 2 years eachLiberaux plus positive believe you can escape prisoners dilemma Every day we face these dilemmas overtime we develop strategies cooperation est possibleconseil de securite de NU go into Libya to examine crimes against humanity for international war crimes investigation and imposing sanctions but Americans themselves would never accept such investigation to not mess with internal policy
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