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Lecture 12 - Midterm Review

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University of Ottawa
Political Science
Ivan Katchanovski

March 4, 2014 Midterm Review Age (years) is an example of an interval/ratio level variable. Interval/ratio variables have categories that can be ranked with the same specified distance between categories or values. Sampling distribution is the difference between the sample statistic and the population parameter. Cramer’s V is a measure of association appropriate for nominal variables. It is impossible to determine whether political preference, province, or hours spent online is an ordinal variable. Mean scores should only be calculated if we have interval/ratio variables. Visual inspection of frequency distributions will suffice for finding the mode. The median is a measure of central tendency that refers to the value above which and below which 50 percent of the cases fall. The number of respondents in national surveys generally should be 1,000-2,000. The term population refers to all cases to which a researcher’s conclusions are meant to apply. The Chi Square test can be used to determine statistical significance. At a certain point, dramatically increasing sample size results in modest improvements in accuracy. The value of Gamma equal to .05 means weak association. ‘Younger people are more likely to use the Internet’is an example of a research hypothesis. Variables are sufficiently specific that values can be assigned to each person or respondent in the survey data set. The
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