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University of Ottawa
Political Science
William Ogilvie

CULTURAL MARXISM Religion is the opiate of the masses Marx A society is held together in integrity by its deeprooted cultural values and institutions of belief some of the fundamental pillars attributed to specific cultures are educational institutions the family institutions of law the religion and other institutions that contribute to social structure However as Antonio Gramsci an Italian Marxist theorist pointed out the transformation of these accepted cultural structures will lead to the destruction of the principles that they uphold them and eventually give rise to a new set of progressive forces shaping a new society Gramsci Cultural Marxism stems from the philosophies of Karl Marx whose ideas support revolutions as driving forces of progress Cultural Marxism is about the reversal of what are held as accepted within the defined set of cultural artifacts and institutions within a specific culture For example smoking bans are likely to oppose what was held firmly as an excusable weakness and this could lead to destruction of economies given the bans are widely accepted Science however justifies the smoking bans which means it is a parody in itself However such radical change and reversal is likely to generate a set of new ideals thinking and progress redirected in new pathways new economies and new values More importantly Cultural Marxism seeks to resist the primacy of cultural values through progressive resistance under the strongly held notion that the cultural values in practice are there only to gratify the interests of the elite and the ruling class Anderson 1978 As these cultural values and beliefs do not identify the marginalized groups and their struggle for livelihood cultural Marxism stemming from the ideas of Karl Marx rejects them and asks for a new order that takes their representation into consideration Therefore this paper will explore on characteristics of Cultural Marxism from view points of theorist 1
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