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Political Science
Tyler Attwood

POL 4178 – Summer 2013 Take Home Final Exam (35% of course mark) Due by 11:59pm Friday August 2 nd(submit on Blackboard) Choose TWO of the following and answer in the 6-8 page range (each), based on typed 12-point font at 1.5 spacing. You should use all relevant course readings as well as a substantial (but not dominant) amount of additional outside research, including books, articles, news stories, official documents, etc. Include a works cited page for each answer. I am looking for evidence of you having done the readings and spent some time reflecting on them throughout the course, as well as some additional outside research that extends the discussion. Answers that use only the course material or outside research will incur a sizable penalty. However, to give an indication of relative weight, answers that use only the course material and no outside research would be penalized somewhat less than those that only used outside research. Your answers are not meant to be purely descriptive. That is, I expect an argumentative or analytical component, supported by description. 1. Provide a descriptive contrast between what McMichael refers to as the “development project” and the “globalization project”. Make sure that you clearly define terms. Why does he use the term “project”? Why the shift from one to the other? What have be
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